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I get lots of new business because customers have written nice reviews.  Nothing helps a customer believe in a salon more than reviews from actual customers.  Our policy is to keep any bad reviews (we only have three last I checked) and to respond to them so that we can appear real, and so that we can have the opportunity to reinforce our brand.

Remember, not everyone is your customer.

You really need to add the Brand Identity Guru blog to your reading list.  Tons of good ideas there.  Here is one of them.

Reviews and Word of Mouth

When you’re looking to buy a product do you read reviews online? I do. And it most certainly drives my decision making process. Reviews are a form of word of mouth and people value word of mouth.

I just bought my wife an Olympus E-Volt 510. I read reviews and compared it to the Nikon. For the features and cost the

Olympus faired better. The reviews were all glowing. This built up trust in the product for me. So now I feel confident because reviews were good. Now I need to decide where to buy my product? I notice I can buy it for far less at no-name internet stores. But have you ever checked their return policies or tried to call them? Off to Amazon I go and pay and extra $50 and feel confident in my purchase. Moral of this blog?

  1. Get people reviewing your products/services
  2. Review the reviews of your product/service
  3. Work on obtaining great reviews by interacting with customers and reviewers
  4. Keep conversation alive by setting up tools like message boards and blogs
  5. Build credibility/trust (like Amazon)
  6. Word of mouth is an important part of branding

Go read some more, will ya?  There’s too much good stuff to bring it all here.  I can’t gather everything for you!


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