Changing the salon decor keeps clients on their toes

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I have a decorating rule in my salon.

If it isn’t nailed down, it can (and will) be moved!

About 3 times a year I re-merchandise the retail area, moving different products to different shelves.

Why, you ask?  Because clients get numb to their surroundings.  You have to shake them up a little so they get the impression that you are always moving and growing.  Salons that don’t stay fresh find themselves losing clients to other, more interesting salons.  Not necessarily because your salon was bad, but because it got boring.

Now, don’t start arguing with me and say that all your customers would walk over broken glass in bare feet to get to you and that how things look doesn’t matter to them.  Of course some clients are that way.  And some are not.  The ones who don’t care if things are old and stogy also won’t care if it is new and different.

Like most salon, we have a small operating budget and there isn’t money to do a huge remodel all at once.  Last spring I replaced our traditional “stations” with Craftsman toolboxes.  Last month we got new shampoo chairs.  We move the reception area stuff (customer seating and front desk) around whenever the mood strikes.  (We just went through a big spring cleaning/purge of lots of crap in the salon last week.)

Reasons to change the salon decor:

  1. You get a chance to clean behind things (and you know how filthy it gets!)
  2. You get to talk to the customers about what is new (and they understand why you charge the prices you do!)
  3. Customers get to know that you are trying to keep things fresh for them and they aren’t being taken for granted.
  4. A cleaning project gets the staff motivated and improves their outlook on the salon and gives them pride in their workplace.

My salon may not have marble floors and a water fountain, but that doesn’t mean I have to let it go to pot.

What can you do for little or no money to freshen up your space?


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One Response to “Changing the salon decor keeps clients on their toes”

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Thank you very much for sharing. You opened up the doors for me. I shutdown my salon for 3 months because of pregnancy and baby. But now i wanted to open it with new prices. I just didnt know what to say about new higher prices. Now i m confident to ask more prices. I was charging under price. Thanks once again.

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