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Control isn’t a bad thing.  But you throw in the work “freak” and now maybe we have a problem.

It’s your business, and I know that no one will care as passionately about it as you do.  The goal, however is to achieve a Zen-like state of balance where you are controlling the way the business runs, but not making yourself and the staff crazy with your hovering and micro-management.

The more people in the business, the more important it is to have set systems (this is how we do things).  You can’t be everywhere at once.  But if you have trained everyone one the best practices, they should be able to follow without you hovering.

And the people fighting you for control?  Get rid of them.  If they are so certain that they can run the salon better than you can, perhaps they should go start their own.  You have enough to worry about running the business without having to worry about a manager acting like they own the joint.

Controlling the “Inner” Control Freak

It’s your company and you’re in the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, that control can sometimes become overwhelming, actually working to slow or even stop your growth. “When you wear every hat, you’re juggling a lot of different balls,” observes Mark Gorkin, speaker and founder of Stress Doc Enterprises. “Multi-tasking is fine, but it’s hard to sustain that unwieldy number of balls, and it can lead to control issues and the setting of rigid boundaries.”

While being the person ultimately responsible for your business can cause control issues to emerge, your “Type A” personality can lead to another type of A. “It can stand for arrogance,” Gorkin says, “as in ‘I’m the only one who truly knows how to do what I’m doing, so I’m controlling the show. Period.'”

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