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What should we name this baby?

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Picking a name for your business is as hard or harder than picking a name for a child.  A name means so much.  It gives the initial feel for a business; communicating something just by being.

When I named my salon 17 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  I wanted something that sounded exotic, so that it would stand out.  It was also the era of The Phone Book and since we couldn’t afford a big ad, we wanted the name to begin with an A to put us up front in the listings.  Not a great start.

The name we have today (Azarra Salon) is just fine.  It isn’t phenomenal, but it doesn’t suck.  My friend, who just named his one-man salon Solamente Jessee, thinks we should change the name to Irreverent.  If I hadn’t spent the last 17 years building this brand, I just might do it, but it seems a bit late in the game to change when there isn’t a big glaring reason to do so.

It would have helped if I would have read this article first.  Why don’t you give it a read before you name your new salon?

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Ever wonder what your clients are thinking?

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Occasionally I stumble across stories about people and their DIY hair color disasters.  As I read this woman’s story, I just couldn’t help but be amazed at her determination to find a solution even as things continued to go awry, rather than cutting her losses and waiting for professional help.

I pony-tail it and go BACK to the store. Now I really, really wish I had listened to hubby and just waited to go to the salon on Tuesday. My stylist would have talked me out of blonde, but at least it would have been a color I could wear in public. I get yet another box of color. This time, just a medium brown shade to hopefully hide the hideous mop that is my hair. I am still hopeful it will turn out and I can highlight over it. All would be well with the world.

The end result is not bad…but I will be going to the salon on Tuesday to get my brunette glaze put over this medium brown on the very red side head of mine. The Lord made me brunette, but it can be a little shinier and I won’t have roots, right? Right. Plus if you can believe it, she charges less for the glaze than I spend on my 4 boxes of color. Way to save money, huh?

Read her entire story here.

Now, the question to us, is how do we communicate to our clients that we are often the more economical choice?  How do we teach them that a consistant color experience produces hair that is healthier, shinier, and more likely to stay attched?

What’s your best story about a client who got a wild hair up her butt one weekend?

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